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We aim to be the Clients and Principal Designers key advisor for project health and safety issues

The main CDMA service is provided by our specialist division - Tribeck Projects Ltd

If you are about to alter or extend a building or structure, thinking of putting up a new one or demolishing an existing one, then the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 place a number of specific duties on you and your project team. The extent of these varies with the type of project involved – and for many projects you will need an adviser available to help you deal with these. On larger projects you are required to appoint  a “Principal Designer” before significant detailed design work starts so that they can advise and assist you with all of your duties. Our core service is to work with Principal Designers to undertake the required CDM 2015 duties.

The CDM Regulations place duties on all those who can contribute to the health and safety of a construction project. Duties are placed upon Clients, Designers and Contractors.

  • The aim of these Regulations is to make Health & Safety an essential and integral part of the planning and management of projects and to make sure that everyone works together to reduce the risk to the Health & Safety of those who work on the structure, who may be affected by these works, or who will use it as a place or work once it’s completed.

Tribeck has the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure compliance and delivery to the highest Client’s expectations. We bring the highest standards of technical and professional expertise to all projects :

  • Ensuring significant health and safety hazards are identified by the project team.
  • Ensuring that designers confront safety issues and deal with them.
  • Ensuring (where possible) identified hazards and their risks are designed out.
  • Ensuring that adequate consideration is given to future cleaning, maintenance, construction and demolition works.
  • By combining the CDM Advisor role with one of effective project management.
  • By assisting the project team with practical and effective health and safety advice.

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